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Film processing, printing and scanning available by mail.

Mail-in film processing
We've been providing the best film developing in the country here in our lab since 1984.  We're happy to offer our high quality film developing, printing, and scanning to photographers who send their film to us from all over.

When you send your film for processing we work hard to take the best care of your precious rolls, and get your pictures back to you fast.  We process 35mm and medium format color print film, E6 slides, black and white film, disposable single-use cameras, as well as Advantix (APS) film, 110, and 126, and 35mm half-frame film by mail.

When you send your film to us for processing you can count on getting professional quality results every time. Your film is processed here in our lab with care by people who truly love film - and when we develop your film, we always return your negatives.
Film camera and rolls of film.

Color print film processing (C41) by mail

Get information and prices for 35mm, APS and medium format (120/220) C41 print film processing, printing and scanning (digitizing.)

Disposable camera developing by mail

Get information and prices for developing, printing, and scanning (digitizing) your disposable single use cameras.

Black and white film processing by mail

Get information and prices for 35mm, medium format (120/220), and 4x5 black and white film processing, printing and scanning.

E6 Slide film processing by mail

Get information and prices for 35mm, medium format (120/220), and 4x5 E6 slide and transparency film processing.

Advanced Photo System (APS) processing by mail

Get information and prices for Advantix and Nexia (APS) 24mm Advanced Photo System film developing, printing, and digital scanning.

110 and 126 processing by mail

Get information and prices about developing, printing, and digitizing your older 110 and 126 Instamatic film cartridges.

Kodachrome film processing.

We can develop your Kodachrome (K-14) film as black and white negatives with 4x6 prints or digital scans.

Photo prints from film

Get information about our photo reprints and enlargements from film, including color and black and white negatives.  Prints from wallet size to poster size, on our wide selection of premium photo papers.

Film scanning - 35mm, APS, 120, 4x5

Get information and prices for film scanning, including most types of film - 35mm, 120 / 220 medium format, APS and 4x5 film.

Send your film to us for processing.

We provide the best quality film processing in the country, and we work hard to make it easy for you to send your film to us for developing.

Download an order form here and send it in along with your film. We'll process your film and send it back fast.

Once we receive your order, we'll start processing your film, usually within 1-2 days.

You can order prints, digital scans, or both - We can deliver your digital photos online using Dropbox, CD, or we can save your pictures on a USB drive, it's your choice.  And we will always return your negatives.

You can choose to pay for your film processing online using PayPal, or you can pay by credit card, it's up to you.

▸ Get a film processing order form

Check our current mail-order film processing turn-around times.

Mail order film processing frequently asked questions.

Wholesale film processing services.

35mm rolls of film.

Sending your film for processing is easy.

We'll process your film fast, usually within 3 days.  Start by downloading a film processing order form here, then send the completed order form to us along with your film.  You can send your film to us for processing using the USPS, FedEx or UPS, but please be sure your package is well-sealed and secure so that your film processing order gets here safely.  If you have any questions about the order form, or anything else, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Rush film processing.
Tip:  If you want your film processing job rushed, please tell us in the 'Special Instructions' area of the film processing order form.  We'll do our best to meet your deadline, but please remember that the 100% rush charge will apply.  We also offer expedited shipping including USPS Express Mail and UPS Overnight.

Note:  Our turn-around times are estimates, and can vary based on current processing volumes currently in our lab.  If you would like to check the status of your film processing job, as a result of increased call volume, we may not be able to answer all incoming calls.  To check the status of your order please contact us via email here.

We accept most credit & debit cards as well as PayPal.
We accept most credit cards as well as PayPal.