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Film scanning - 35mm, 120, slides and 4x5 film.

Turn your film images into high quality digital images using our film scanning services.  We are capable of scanning your 35mm, APS, medium format film, slides and 4x5 sheet film.

Our Fuji SP3000 35mm and medium format film scanner has built-in scratch and dust reduction to provide clean, dust-free scans.

Film scanning is truly part science and part art.  We have been scanning film since 1997, so we know how to complete your film scanning job the right way providing the best scans possible.
We use the Fuji SP3000 film scanner.
Film scanning prices.

35mm roll scans at time of processing

35mm roll scan, added along with your prints
35mm roll scan, without prints (scans only)

35mm film scans (cut, already developed film)

35mm cut negative strip standard res.
35mm negative frame, high resolution.

APS (Advantix) film roll scans

APS film roll scan, with prints ordered.
APS film roll scan, without prints (scans only)

120/220 film scans at time of processing

Scans of your images along with your with prints, standard res.
Scan 120 roll, without prints (scan only), standard res.
Scan 220 roll, without prints (scan only), standard res.

120/220 film scans (cut, already developed film)

120/220 (6x6, 645 or 6x7) per frame, standard res.
120/220 (6x6, 645 or 6x7) per frame, high res.

4x5 film scanning, per sheet

4x5 film scanning - standard resolution
4x5 film scanning - high resolution

35mm slide scanning

1st to 100th slide          $1.00 per slide
101st to 200th slide      $0.75 per slide
201st slide and more    $0.50 per slide
Film processing order form.

• 35mm standard res. is 2400x3600

6x6cm standard res. is 2400x2400

• 6x7cm standard res. is 2400x3000

• 6.45cm standard res. is 2400x3000

• 4x5 standard res. is 2400x3000

• High res scans are 3600x5400

• Files are .jpg's,  .tiff files on request

We can upload your images to Dropbox.
• Dropbox uploads, no extra charge

• usb drive (if needed) is $7.99 (16gb)

• cd (if needed) is $5.00

We can save your film scans to CD or USB drive, or if you prefer, we can upload them to Dropbox.  Most film scanning jobs require 1-2 business days, and all film scanning work is done in-house, right here in our lab.

Tip:  You can find our more about digital images and resolution here.