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Photo print scanning and copying.

Photo Print Scanning for Copying and Archiving.

We tailor our digital photo print scans to fit your particular needs, from making new photo prints to archiving your valuable pictures.  We combine our high quality scanners, and knowledgeable staff to get the most from your digitized pictures.

Photo print scanning to preserve your photos.

After we have scanned and copied your photos, we can save the digital photos on a USB drive, a CD, or we can upload them to Dropbox.  Photo print scanning is part science and part art - We know how to complete your photo scanning job the right way, to get the best scanning results possible.

Safe and Secure  All scanning orders are completed in-house, in our lab, by our staff. Unlike some companies offering ultra low prices, we don't send your prints out of the country.

Photo scanning and copying prices.
Basic print scan$1.49
These are economical, uncorrected scans for when you have large quantities of prints to scan.  Basic scans are available for originals up to 11x14.  Priced per original.
Premium Copyscan$5.00
This is our highest quality scan which includes custom color correction and resizing. Copyscans are available for originals up to 11x14. Priced per original.
Digital capture from oversized originals.$50.00
We can capture original prints larger than 11x14 - includes correction and a CD of the image.

Photo prints from your scans.
4x645c 12x18$18.99
5x7$3.99 16x20$39.99
8x10$8.99 16x24$45.99
8x12$10.99 20x24$59.99
10x12$12.99 20x30$69.99
10x15$14.99 24x30$75.99
11x14$14.99 24x36$79.99

• We ALWAYS return your original prints.
• Your pictures are scanned in our lab, by our staff.
• Each picture is inspected for ideal color and density.
• Standard prints are matte or glossy finish.
• Or, choose one of our premium photo papers.
See all of our paper choices here.

We can upload your scanned film images to Dropbox.
• We can save your scanned photos online with Dropbox, or provide them on CD, or USB drive.

Send your photos to us for scanning or copying.

Sending your photos to us for copying is easy!  Download an order form here and send it in along with your original prints. We'll make your copies and send them back fast.

▸ Get an order form

We do all scanning work in-house.

All scanning jobs are done in our lab, by our staff - we don't send them out, and we don't send them overseas.  Your original photo prints will be safe and sound at our lab here in Kansas.  And, once your order is complete, we ALWAYS send your originals back.