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Copy your original photos without a negative or a digital image.

Copies of photographs.

If you are looking for copies of your photos, but don't have a negative or the digital picture file, we can make copies of your photos that are almost as good as the original. We'll scan your original prints, match the color, and then make new prints. And, we can also save the pictures on a CD or USB drive as well.

Copyscans can be made from prints from wallet size all the way up to 11x17, in color or black & white. If your original photos are larger than 11x14 we can capture them and save them on disc or USB drive as well.

Photo scanning and copying prices.

Copyscan with CD

This is our highest quality scan which includes custom color correction and resizing. Copyscans are available for originals up to 11x14. Priced per original.

Basic print scan

These are economical, uncorrected scans for when you have large quantities of prints to scan.  Basic scans are available for originals up to 11x14. Priced per original.

Digital capture from oversized originals.

We can capture original prints larger than 11x14 - includes correction and a CD of the image.
Prints from copyscans:

Photo print sizes and prices.
4x640c   12x18$16.99
5x7$3.99 16x20$39.99
8x10$7.99 16x24$45.99
8x12$8.99 20x24$59.99
10x12$10.99 20x30$62.99
10x15$13.99 24x30$69.99
11x14$13.99 24x36$75.00

Tip:  We cannot copy photos or materials that are copyrighted.