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Photo retouching can make a good picture look great.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove blemishes from an otherwise good picture. Removing acne, wrinkles, stray hairs or other blemishes calls for professional image retouching, and we know how to make your retouching just right.  Simple retouching is $5.00 per image, but some jobs may be slightly more.

Photo retouching.

Professional image retouching

Simple photo retouching - $5 per image

- Acne, pimples and facial blemishes
- Stray hairs
- Wrinkles, 'crows- feet'
- Frown lines
- Dark under eye areas
- Scars

Tip:  If you would like to have your images retouched prior to printing, please tell us in the 'Special Instructions' area when you area checking out. We'll add the $5 charge per image to your order total when we charge your credit card.

When we retouch your photos we'll work hard to make to make the retouching almost unnoticeable.

Tip: We can also retouch just about anything else you need, including removing clutter in backgrounds, fixing fly-away hairs, tan lines and more.