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Personalize your wallet size photos with your name and class year.

Custom name imprinting is only $5 per order.  We'll add the graduate's name and class year to the wallet photos, usually in the lower right corner, with the text at an angle, for a professional look.

Wallet size photo custom name imprinting is $5.00 for your entire order if you use the same graduate's name on all of the senior wallet photos.  Your name imprinting is added digitally to the wallet photos, so we can use any of the colors below.

If you prefer, we can choose the graduate's name imprint font and color for you - we'll pick the best name imprint color for each picture and make your senior pictures look their best.  We'll add the name imprinting to each wallet photo image in the best location for each photo, so that all your prints look great.

Here's how to order your wallet photos with name imprinting:

If you would like to have your name and class year on your wallet photos simply tell us in the 'Special Instructions' area while you are checking out. You'll see the 'Special Instructions' box twice - once right after you select your prints, and once again during checkout.

Example:  "Please print Cayla 2024 on the wallet photos."

You can choose from these fonts and colors, or you can let our designers pick the best font & color for each picture.

Select your wallet photo imprint fonts and colors.

Your wallet photo name imprinting is added one at a time, by a member of our staff, not automatically by a computer.
A talented person here in our lab will add the custom name printing on each an every image, so you can be sure that the name and class year is placed in the perfect spot on every wallet photo.  And as always, our work - including custom name printing on wallet photos, is 100% guaranteed. If you don't like it, we'll redo it - for free.

Wallet size photos with round corners

Die-cut with rounded corners, sold in sets of eight wallet size photos.

Wallet photos with die-cut rounded corners
(8) wallets - matte or glossy$2.99
(8) wallets - Fuji Pearl Metallic$5.49
(8) wallets - Deep Matte Velvet$5.49
Wallet photos, not die-cut
(4) wallets, uncut - matte or glossy$1.99
(4) 2x3 mini wallets - matte or glossy$1.59

▸ Order wallet size photos
One day turn around on wallet photos.
When you order your wallet photos online we'll print, die-cut, and ship them in out in one day.

Free!  All wallet photo orders are packaged in a free paper wallet box.
• All photo print orders are 100% guaranteed.
• Sets of 8 wallet photos will arrive already cut and packaged.
Wallet photo paper options
Get help ordering wallet photos online

Tip:  When you are setting your pictures up for wallet size photos please remember that we will be removing about 1/16th of an inch when we make the die-cut rounded corners. The finished wallet photo print size will be slightly smaller than 2.5x3.5".  ** We do check the cropping on all photo orders prior to printing.