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Answers to frequently asked questions about film processing.

If you have any questions about film processing please give us a call at 1-888-562-7970 or send us an email, and we'll be happy to help.

How long does it take to get film processed?
For mail-in film processing order please check our current turn-around times.

What are the shipping charges for film processing orders?
The charges vary according to the size of your order, but typically start at $4.95. The shipping cost for most orders is around $5 to $10.00, while larger orders (more than 10-15 rolls) will be more.

Can I pick up my order rather than having it shipped?
Sure.  Our local customers can pick their orders up at our lab when they are completed.

Can Process One just email my scanned film images to me?
No we can't - but we can upload your scanned film photos to Dropbox for easy download.

How long are my photos available for download from Dropbox?
We will keep your photos available on Dropbox for 30 days after the link is emailed to you.

Do I pay for pictures that don't turn out?
We try to print every picture that we can, but sometimes the film frames are blank or too dark to print. If a frame is blank we will not print is, and your will not be charged for the blank frames.  If the entire roll is blank we will only charge for the film processing.

Do you color correct the pictures before you print them?
Yes, we look at each film frame and make corrections as needed.  If you prefer that we print your film without corrections just tell us that in the 'Special Instructions' box before you checkout.

How do I send film in for processing?
First you will need to download an order form:  Get a mail order form here.  Then complete the order form and send it to us along with your film - we will complete your order and send it back.

What is the best way to send film in for processing?
Most people send their film to us using the USPS, and we also receive film from FedEx and UPS. We suggest a well-sealed padded envelope or box - please do not send your film in a plain envelope, as it will be damaged during shipping. If you are sending us film using USPS, please use the correct 'Package Rate' postage.

Will I get my film negatives and slides back?
YES! We always return your film. So, you can count on getting your negatives and slides back when your order is complete.

What types of paper can you print our pictures on?
We can print on matte, glossy, metallic, Deep Matte Velvet, fine art paper, and canvas.
See our photo paper types here.