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Guidelines for setting up your digital picture files for photo printing:

• Files are accepted on CD or Data DVD, Compact Flash, USB thumb drive, XD or SD Card, Memory Stick, Duo, Pro, Pro-Duo.
• You can order your prints online.  Order photos online.
• File types supported:Jpegs or Tiffs. No PSD Photoshop files or camera RAW filesFile Attributes:
• Please work in sRGB colorspace - Please do not use Adobe 1998 or camera raw profiles.
• 8 bit sRGB color (No grayscale or CMYK, no 16 bit color).
• Layers must be flattened.
• Save JPEGS with 'standard' format, NOT 'progressive' or 'optimized'.
• Please format for your intended print size to avoid unwanted cropping.
• 300 dpi or higher for best results.
• Please calibrate your monitor to insure color matching.

Image Resolution:

When you are setting up your digital images for printing, the question of what resolution to use will sometimes arise.
 - For prints 16x20 or smaller - use 300 dpi.
 - For prints larger than 16x20, but smaller than 24x30 - use 240 dpi.
 - For prints larger than 24x30 - use 180 dpi.

This may seem lower than you would have thought, but it is often better to keep the original file intact at a lower resolution and let us handle any 'upsizing' or 'resampling' before we make the print.  If you upsize or resample to a resolution that is too high, you will introduce unwanted artifacts and softness.

Learn more about digital image resolution here.