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Digital scans from 35mm slides.

35mm Slide Scanning / Digitizing - Online, CD or USB drive.

We can scan (digitize) your 35mm slides - Your slides will come to life again when we scan them to high quality digital picture files.  Your family spent lifetimes saving their memories on 35mm slides, so don't let them fade away.

When we scan your slides, we can upload the digital photos online, or we can save them on CD or USB drive for easy viewing and printing, all at a reasonable price.  With our quantity discounts, the more slides you have scanned, the more you save.

Safe and Secure  Your 35mm slides are scanned by our staff, here in our lab in Kansas - We don't send them overseas, so you won't have to worry about losing your slides.

35mm slide scanning

1st to 100th slide$1.29 each
101st to 200th slides99 cents each
201st and more slides69 cents each
High res slide scan$10.00 each
Photo CD$5.00
32gb USB drive$9.99

Prints from 35mm slides

4x6 prints
1st to 100th slide$1.49 ea.
101st to 200th slides$1.19 ea.
201st and more slides89 cents ea.
5x7 print$3.99
8x10 print$8.99
11x14 print$14.99
12x18 print$18.99
16x20 print$39.99
• We ALWAYS return your slides
• All slide scans are done in our lab, by our staff
• Standard scan resolution is 2400x3600
• High resolution is 3600x5400
• Prints from 35mm slides can be matte or glossy finish
• Files are .jpg's,  .tiff files on request
• We can upload your scans online to Dropbox
Upload your film scans to Dropbox.

• Get your digital film scans online with Dropbox, CD, or USB drive.

Send your 35mm slides to us for scanning and printing.

Sending your 35mm slides to us for scanning and printing is easy!  Download an order form here and send it in along with your slides. We'll scan and print your slides and send them back fast.

▸ Get an order form

We scan and print your 35mm slides with care.

When we print or scan (digitize) your 35mm slides we will clean them with compressed air to remove any dust, and then color correct each slide individually, to provide the best color, sharpness, and contrast from your slides.  Most 35mm slide printing and scanning jobs require about one week, but larger projects may require extra time.

We can print and scan any type of 35mm slide including Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fujichrome and many more.

Note:  Our turn-around times are estimates, and can vary based on current processing volumes currently in our lab.  If you would like to check the status of your job, as a result of increased call volume, we may not be able to answer all incoming calls.  To check the status of your order please contact us via email here.

We accept most credit & debit cards as well as PayPal.
We accept most credit cards as well as PayPal.