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Transferring your old 8mm home movies to DVD makes your memories come alive again!

Movie film projector.DVD logo.8mm movie film reels.

Your old home movie film has precious family moments recorded on each reel. Let us save those memories when we put them on a DVD for easier viewing and longer lifetime storage.  We will clean, lubricate and splice your move film before we do the digital transfer - your film will be in better condition when you get it back!

8mm movie film to DVD
Super 8 movie film to DVD
16mm movie film to DVD
Additional DVD copies

Minimum charge for film to transfers
20 cents per foot
20 cents per foot
20 cents per foot
5.00 each


Movie film reel sizes. -We can fit about 1200 feet of 8mm or about 1600 feet of Super 8mm on one standard 2 hour DVD.

-Your movie film will be returned to you and will not be harmed in the transfer process.

-We will clean, lubricate and splice your movie film prior to transferring it to DVD, so your film will be in better condition when you get it back!

-While we are not offering Blu-ray services at this time, but we will be adding Blu-ray capability in the future. Fortunately, Blu-ray players will also play the DVDs we make for you today so you don't have to worry about your DVDs becoming obsolete.

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