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Here are some guidelines to follow when you are setting up your digital picture files for printing:

Files are accepted on these media: CD or Data DVD, Compact Flash, USB thumb drive, XD or SD Card, Memory Stick, Duo, Pro, Pro-Duo.  You can also upload your pictures to our website for ordering you pictures online here.

File types supported:Jpegs or Tiffs. No PSD Photoshop files or camera RAW filesFile Attributes:

Please work in sRGB colorspace - Please do not use Adobe 1998 or camera raw profiles.

8 bit sRGB color (No grayscale or CMYK, no 16 bit color).

Layers must be flattened.

Save JPEGS with 'standard' format, NOT 'progressive' or 'optimized'.

Please format for your intended print size to avoid unwanted cropping.

300 dpi or higher for best results.

Please calibrate your monitor to insure color fidelity.

Image Resolution:
When you are setting up your digital image files for printing, the question of what resolution to use will sometimes arise.

- For prints 16x20 or smaller - use 300 dpi.

- For prints larger than 16x20, but smaller than 24x30 - use 240 dpi.

- For prints larger than 24x30 - use 180 dpi.

This may seem lower than you would have thought, but it is often better to keep the original file intact at a lower resolution and let us handle any 'upsizing' or 'resampling' before we make the print. If you upsize or resample to a resolution that is too high, you will introduce unwanted artifacts and softness.Are you confused about the whole resolution thing?

Click here to learn about image resolution. Learn more about digital image resolution here.

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