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Prints from 35mm slides.

We can make prints from your slides or scan them to CD or USB drive.

Make the memories stored on your 35mm slides come to life again by getting prints made.  You, your parents or grandparents spent a lifetime collecting their memories on slides so don't let them fade away.

We can also scan your slides and save them on CD or USB drive for easy viewing and printing at a very reasonable price, and with our quantity discounts, the more slides you have printed or scanned, the more you save.

4x6 Prints from 35mm slides     35mm slide scanning  
1st to 100th slide
101st to 200th slide
201st slide and more

5x7 print
8x10 print
11x14 print
16x20 print
20x24 print
24x36 print
1.00 ea
.75 ea
.50 ea

  Standard res (2400x3600)
1st to 100th slide
101st to 200th slide
201st slide and more

High resolution scans
CD Disc charge
USB drive

.75 ea
.50 ea

10.00 ea


Film processing order form.Mail your slides to us for printing or scanning!

Get the same professional quality results without ever leaving home.  Just download an order form and send it in along with your slides.  It's easy!

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