A perspective of photography from behind the scenes at the photo lab.

Well we now have a blog… 

We are going to try to provide a little insight into what goes into making your pictures from behind the scenes at our photo lab, along with some other photo-geek stuff.  At Process One we still process film and we still make prints with chemicals in big complicated machines.  Of course we do all the digital photo stuff as well, and I like to think we’re pretty good at it.  After all we’ve been doing it since 1984.

The keyboard smells a little right now – I mixed chemicals today and no matter how hard I try I can’t get the smell of Ilford black & white non-hardening fixer off of my hands.  That’s what I do – I mix chemicals, fix the machines when they break and answer the phone, all with photo chemistry on my hands.  That’s just normal for life in the photo lab.

We’ll try to keep this going, if you are interested.  In the mean time we will be making your photos for you, smelly chemicals and all.

Till next time…